Geeky culture conventions that you should check out

Geeks are in! With so much geek culture popping up all over the place these days, it has never been a better time to be a geek. Those of us who embrace our geek-dom most likely want to celebrate it by hanging out with fellow geeks in our natural environment, conventions. These are the ideal place for people to hang out, dress up, interact with other geeks, and enjoy their favorite geeky things.

There are loads of different conventions these days that you can enjoy, and they are not solely limited to movies and comics. You want to find out about some of the world’s best conventions that you can enjoy as a geek. It is important to fully embrace geek culture, and ensure that you check out some of the best conventions that relate to this right now.


Of course, this is the big one, and the most well-known. Comic-Con is like Mecca for geeks and gives people a great chance to mingle with like-minded comic book, movie, and TV show enthusiasts. Another rad thing about Comic-Con is that they generally have panels and Q&A’s from famous writers, directors, and actors associated with these geeky movies and comic books. There are lots of different Comic-Cons around the world, but the New York one is widely regarded as the best, so this would be the one to check out.

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Cologne, Germany played host to one of the most unforgettable Gamescom events ever. E3 might be better-known in the States, but Gamescom is the largest and most impressive gaming convention in the world. There are more than 700 exhibitors, 6,000 journalists, and geeks from almost 100 different countries. The show floor allows geeks to try out some of the latest released games before they hit the market, and this is one of the things that makes Gamescom a hugely popular event.

Japan Expo

This one is worth a look just for the quirkiness factor. For one thing, Japan Expo takes place across five days in… France! Yes, we’re as confused as you are. But this convention celebrating Japanese culture is as weird and wonderful as you could possibly imagine. This is a great choice because it is a place where you can be infinitely geeky, but it is a convention about something other than specifically movies or comic books.

Walker Stalker Con

Unusual among conventions because it is a convention about one specific TV show, ‘The Walking Dead.’ Walker Stalker is the ideal place for any die-hard TWD fan, and more than a quarter of a million people attend each year. With events all across America, this is the perfect place to meet with fellow fans, and absorb yourself in the world of your favorite zombie TV show. And, there is the added bonus of cast members from the show being in attendance, something that’s probably enough to give you stars in your eyes.

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There are so many conventions out there that will play a part in helping you explore the different elements of geek culture. You should do what you can to try to experience as many of these as possible moving forward. There are a lot of events that you need to make sure you check out, and plenty of opportunities to help you make the most of your geeky ways, and hang out with fellow geeks.

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