4 weird phenomenons that can be explained by science

The world is a pretty remarkable place, and so often things happen that defy logic or reason. No matter how logical and balanced our world is, there is still room for the eerie and unexplained. There are so many amazing phenomena that occur in everyday life, and these are things that often seem to defy explanation, logic, or reason, and yet they still occur in the rational world.

Can science give us the answers we crave? Well, there are certain phenomena that not even science can help us to understand, such as what made the strange hole on Mars. However, there are some phenomena that science can go at least some way toward explaining, and this is important to keep in mind moving forward – here are 4 weird phenomena that science explains for us these days.

4 weird phenomenons that can be explained by science


Halos are most probably enough to get you thinking about the arrival of some sort of higher power. Looking up at the sky and seeing a halo is probably one of the most extreme religious experiences a person can have. But, before you convert, hear us out! Science actually has this one covered. The formation of ice crystals in clouds bends the light of the Sun to form a perfect circle and give us this halo effect. Isn’t science just rad sometimes?!

Why people yawn

We all yawn, and we think we know why. It’s because we’re tired, right? Wrong! In fact, science doesn’t actually know the reason why humans yawn, and what purpose it serves. It is also unclear why yawning appears to be contagious in people as well. There have been several scientific theories surrounding why people yawn, with many coming under scrutiny. Our favorite is that yawning sends a signal to your body, telling it to perk up and keeping us alert. This has not yet been disproven and seems a logical reason for why we might yawn.


Okay, without getting kooky here, some believe ghosts exist, while others think it’s a load of baloney. But what does the science say? Well, many scientists who have studied this phenomenon have attributed the reported presence of ghosts to infrasound vibrations, that can cause a lot of the phenomena related to ghosts and the supernatural. These can be used to explain things like messing with vision, as well as the strange sounds that many people often associate with supernatural presence.

4 weird phenomenons that can be explained by science


Bigfoot is one of the biggest phenomena in our world, and it’s even more intriguing because we don’t know whether it’s actually true or not. Many people over the years have reported sightings of large, ape-like creatures walking upright, throughout the wilderness. They are often associated with the Pacific Northwest, however scientific study has ruled out their existence for the most part. It is widely believed that the Bigfoot sightings might actually simply have been wild men.

So there we have it, some of the coolest phenomena that can be helpfully explained by science. These are things we have heard a lot about, and we might even have experienced in our lives, perhaps even numerous times. And now, thanks to the world of science, we have some sort of explanation as to what they are, and more importantly, why they are. And this is something that it’s important to know.

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