Gadgets that will never go away

Technology plays such a big role in our lives these days that it’s fair to suggest we wouldn’t be able to live as we do without our gadgets. It’s pretty important to understand the gadgets that matter the most, and how to get the best out of them. There are so many different options to keep in mind when it comes to using technology in 2019.

It seems like new gadgets are being released every year these days. There are some gadgets that have been around for ages and will be around until the end of time. Check out these gadgets that are never going to go away.


Cell phones have come a long way in recent times, with the development of the touchscreen smartphone. It’s almost impossible to imagine that there was once a time when they didn’t exist at all! Since the emergence of the iPhone in 2007, these handheld devices have pretty much run our lives and economies, and they show no signs of going anywhere. In fact, we will most likely see smartphones develop and evolve over the years, so the form they take now might change, but the idea behind them will remain.

Record player

The record player seems to be the great survivor of the tech world. These were hugely popular way back when but seemed on the brink of extinction as digital music became more mainstream. However, they have recovered and made a re-emergence as of late, backed mainly by nostalgic collectors. The fact is that vinyl records still exist, and there is a wide fan base for them. This means it seems highly unlikely that record players are going anywhere any time soon.

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Nintendo Game Boy

Since its release in 1989, the Game Boy has become one of the best-selling game consoles of all time. The handheld gaming device has gone through several evolutions over the years, but it remains keenly popular among gamers. Much like the record player, retro gamers and collectors will ensure that this never dies. With renewed interest in older consoles and devices in recent years, don’t expect to see the Game Boy die out any time in the near future.


One of the greatest offerings modern technology has brought us in recent years is the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle, alongside other e-readers, has revolutionized reading and brought thousands of books to households across the world at just the click of a button. The Kindle is one of the most popular modern devices, with the most recent models even allowing users to watch movies and TV shows. We expect the Kindle model to continue evolving, but we don’t think the concept is ever going to go away, because it’s simply genius.

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These are just some of the great gadgets that are not going to be going anywhere any time soon. There are loads of ways technology is benefiting our lives, and gadgets have helped us to improve the way we live. We’re lucky to live in an era that has such amazing gadgets, and technology that’s continually evolving!

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