Modern day gadgets with a retro twist

We live in an age where virtual reality exists, and we’re more connected than ever. Despite how quickly our technology is developing, though, we still yearn for the past. Nostalgia has increased significantly over the last few years, and it’s not just trendy youngsters with a craving for the past. Most of us long for those simpler times. Luckily, there are some great gadgets on the market right now that have a brilliant retro twist for lovers of the old and the new.

Old school speakers

These are some speakers with a twist. Designed to look like something your grandparents might have owned, they’re actually created with some incredibly modern technology. The speaker offers Bluetooth and wireless compatibility, meaning it’s easy to sync up your phone or laptop to the device and blast out your favorite hits. If you have a retro design going on in your home, then this will fit right in without you having to go completely old school.

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Classic turntable

Speaking of music, here’s one for the Vinyl lovers. Not only can this gadget play your favorite vinyl albums (which all seem to be making a comeback in stores), but it also has a Bluetooth connection too. You can play your favorite modern beats straight from this classic device. Not only does it blast out great music, but it’s also super stylish too. The briefcase structure makes it easy to transport and take on the go, so you can share a retro party with your friends whenever you fancy it.

Popcorn machine

Can you really watch a movie if there’s no popcorn around? It’s the classic cinematic treat, but the stuff you buy from the store doesn’t quite have the same feel as freshly popped popcorn. Luckily, you no longer need to go out to get your popcorn fix, because now you can make it from the comfort of your own home. Whether you prefer it sweet or salty, you can pop that corn to your heart’s content. You don’t even need to watch a movie to enjoy it, although it is advised.

Stylish USB drive

USB drives are super convenient, but they tend to look a little boring. Wouldn’t it be great if they were a little more exciting? Well, now they are. You can buy USB drives that come in the design of a cassette tape. The drive itself pulls out of the back when you want to use it, with the tape acting as a very convenient storage space. If you add some songs to the drive and then give the tape to a friend, it makes for an excellent gift.

The ‘50s are calling

Phones are so small these days. Don’t you miss the chunky, rotary dial phones that used to be everywhere? Worry not, because you can buy them again, only now they’re a bit easier to use. They might still look the same, but you can just press buttons to call up your friends and family rather than spin the dial. It’s all of the nostalgia without any of the strenuous finger exercises.

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Next level gaming

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony all try to outdo themselves with every console they release. 4K graphics and hybrid designs aren’t things we ever imagined back when we were playing on our Game Boys, but now they’re everywhere you look. It’s not just console gaming that’s advanced over the years either. Mobile gaming has become a huge deal, and now you can merge the two together. You can buy devices styled like an old Game Boy console that holds your phone and allow you to play games like you’re still a kid in the 2000s.

It’s always good to remember where we’ve come from. Nostalgia helps us do that, but just because we yearn for the past doesn’t mean that things were always better back then. The beauty of these gadgets is that we can admire what’s come before while still living in the present.