Being a good student can actually make you a better athlete

The relationship between school academics and school athleticism is often hotly debated, but there’s no doubt that they work well together, hand in hand. With the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit for both your mind and your body, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the harder you work on the pitch, the greater you’ll achieve in your grades. Right?

Well, maintaining a balance between the two is key. You need to know when it’s time to cancel the gym class to study in the library and know when it’s time to hit the track to take a break from the exam stress. Here are the main reasons why it’s important you focus on your studies as well as your athleticism. 

Prepare yourself for every possibility

Despite there being some fantastic opportunities out there for the best athletes, it’s also important you look further into the future when your career on the field may no longer be a reality. Now is the time to get the grades you need to build a brighter future for yourself. Don’t rely on your career in sports. Prepare for every possibility because you never know what may happen if it doesn’t work out the way you want it to.

Value yourself as well as your team

Focussing on your sports usually means you know how to work well within a team. You already have the skills, spirit, and motivation to be an avid member of a team, but how well can you work on your own? Getting good grades requires you to value the introvert inside you. Focus on your own personal goals, rather than the group ambitions of a team. It’s time to value yourself as an individual when hitting the books, and then maybe you’ll learn to love yourself, even more, when you’re on the pitch too. 

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Learn some discipline

Grade A students have a great sense of self-discipline. Studying well for an exam takes time, effort, and a lot of hard work, so perhaps it’s time to improve your self-discipline academically, too. Your organizational skills will improve, and you’ll become a lot more focussed on your day to day responsibilities. With increased concentration levels, you’re only going to become a far more successful athlete in the long run. Master your education, and you can master anything.  

Improve your power of thought

Athletic jocks are often thought of as the ‘dumb stereotypes’, but in reality, they’re much more intelligent than you think. Being ranked as a top athlete takes a lot of inner strength and power – you have to think on your feet and know how to act quickly and smartly. So, surely this means the more you practice your power of thought in the stressful library, the better you’ll react to stresses in your sport? Getting good grades will force you to push yourself and find new capabilities that you never knew were inside you. 

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If you feel the desire to expand your expertise and start achieving in different aspects of your school life, then move forward from today knowing you don’t have to stay in the lane that you’re supposedly best at. How will you know what you can do if you don’t try? It’s time to break away from restrictive boundaries and push yourself past limits that you once thought impossible to reach. 

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