Why you need to learn how to code

The mysterious world of coding has seen a steady rise in popularity in recent years with computers and smartphones becoming a necessity. Coding is becoming more important to the world. We see this in every job application that asks about our IT experience, but there are other reasons to learn how to code besides job applications.

It helps solve problems

The world is filled with situations where problem-solvers are needed and not everybody is a natural forward-thinker, so coding is a great way to hone the skill of problem-solving. It’s not just useful for technological problems, but for every mundane task that needs a solution. The first step to learning how to code is by learning the logical flow of it. Coding requires you to look for a problem and solve it step by step with each step outlined before even starting to code. The skills learned from this allow any coder – novice or expert – to be able to take a problem and turn it into a series of steps. This applies to any problem in life. Applying coding techniques to everyday problems results in a more functional and efficient frame of mind. Coding can truly make you a better person if you apply it in the right ways.

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It makes you better at work

If your job isn’t programming applications, then how can coding really help? Well, for one it is great for online advertising. By learning to code, many people have made their own websites, which helps tremendously for those who run their own business, or even a side job. Making a website by coding allows you to create it exactly how you want it, and to whatever specifications you may need. Coding makes for overall more efficient interaction with technology. It helps you understand and master any program you may need for work. Loads of people use spreadsheets in their work, so we could all benefit from coding knowledge because spreadsheet applications follow the same procedures as coding. So, learning to code is a great way to become more efficient at work.

It opens doors

Job applications ask about IT experience for a reason – we’re surrounded by devices. There’s simply no way you can work in an office without knowing how to work a computer. Most people can live with using word documents and powerpoint presentations as little as possible but being proficient in these two things are one of the ways you can impress people at work. Your boss will love receiving documents that are overall more sleek and better formatted and this comes down to understanding how to use apps. This understanding is achieved through coding because learning code means getting to know the computer. It’s also easier to navigate programs once you’ve learned how they are coded because most programs – like powerpoint – have a standard layout. Ultimately, better presentations mean impressed bosses, which lead to promotions and new opportunities. Coding is also a great career to keep in mind as there are thousands of opportunities just related to coding jobs.

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Coding can be scary, because it is the equivalent of learning a new language, which is a huge feat to take. But it can be so helpful as a skill. It makes for a well-rounded resume but also makes for a varied, more logical and smarter individual.