Reading suggestions for incoming college freshmen

That period after high school is the time a majority of students engage in all the fun stuff they couldn’t do while they were in school. Some get so engrossed into summer activities to an extent of forgetting that college days are knocking. This is not to suggest that you should forego all the fun after high school and start preparing for college, but it is something you should give a thought. You can allocate some time into reading books related to the major you will be taking in college. This prepares you in many ways than you could know and it also awakens some excitement that makes you look forward to joining college.
There are several main college programs that students can enroll to do such as computer science, business, education, fine arts, mechanical engineering etc. Therefore, there are lots of books on such majors that are recommended for reading after high school. You should also understand that there are both fictional and non-fictional books. The following are some of the suggested books for incoming college freshmen:

Calculus Made Easy

This book by Silvanus P. Thompson is one of the oldest calculus books and it continues to be a great recommendation for freshmen who are to major in computer science in college. It is the best book in terms of introducing students to calculus because it has a way of making the subject look less scary and more intriguing.

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The Four Hour Chef

This book’s writer goes by the name Tim Ferriss. It is a recommended read for incoming freshmen looking to major in engineering. This book breaks down complex engineering concepts into simple understandable facts. This suggests that in engineering, you will be in-charge of figuring out how to break down complicated concepts into simple frameworks in the various projects you will get involved in.

Cantora by Silvia Lopez-Medina

This book is a classic literature read that depicts the lives of four generations Mexican-American women. The story which was inspired by the author’s family history surrounds the four women’s struggles in adjusting to a new life in California and having to keep up with their home traditions altogether where each woman is dealing with her own set of generational problems.

Miles: The Autobiography

This book is co-authored by Miles Davis and Quincy Troupe. This book is about the musical and poetical journeys of those two legendary and influential musicians. Incoming college freshmen on the verge to major with music and fine arts can find this Autobiography exceptional in several ways.

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Discipline and Punish

This book by Michel Foucault is a recommendation for incoming freshmen about to major in social sciences. It provides a different perspective on how governance works and it will have you rethinking what you already knew about governance.

Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI

Written by David Grann, this historical read is for incoming freshmen looking to have an understanding of what ancient Native American struggle was like in those days.

College is an all new experience, and you can definitely use up all the help you can get. If that helps comes from a book, then grab one right away.

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